Benefits you will receive:

  • Access to your own consultant throughout the entire immigration and study abroad process.
  • Your case is reviewed by our experienced immigration and study abroad advisors who keep on researching the relevant immigration and study abroad regulations, official procedure manuals and any probable changes in Immigration policies to determine the appropriate course of action to be followed in order to achieve the desired results.
  • Written advice and guidance at each stage of the application process and on-going supervision of your case by our immigration and study abroad advisors and consultants.
  • Preparation of the entire visa application on your behalf, in accordance with the current immigration regulations including the completion of official application forms, submissions and supporting documentation to substantiate educational history, work experience, funds, marital status etc.
  • Identifying and clarifying complications or possible problems with the immigration authorities or relevant official body.
  • Coordinating your time-sensitive documentation such as medical tests, English language tests, police reports, and, where necessary, the applications for professional registration and official qualification recognition.
  • Presentation of your application to the immigration and study abroad authorities in the format recommended by the immigration authorities.
  • Monitoring your application during the official processing of your case, liaison between you and the authorities, and responding to any questions raised by the immigration authorities, colleges and universities.
  • Written advice regarding any changes made to the immigration laws and to the admission policy that may effect your position under the regulations.
  • Personalized assistance and practical advice throughout the entire procedure.
  • We provide a range of integrated, professional services that are tailor-made to the individual requirements of our clients. Our in-house advisor is available to provide assistance with the preparation of career plans.