Migrate to Canada


Canadian Immigration Services
  • Canada is a peaceful Country with a politically stable democracy
  • Canada with its official policy of multiculturalism encourages immigrants to preserve their cultural values, language and religion.
  • Canada is the 7th largest economic powerhouse in the world.
  • Canada is a world leader in technology.
  • Canada is world renowned for its peace keeping forces seen around the world.
  • Canadian citizens & new comers to Canada enjoy universal free health care.
  • Canada offers free primary & secondary school education.
  • Social Security & Guaranteed Old Age Security Plan for its entire people.
  • Canada boasts some of the best universities in the world.
  • Safe and clean neighborhoods.
  • Market based free enterprise economy.
  • Canada is bilingual - English & French


  • Independent Applicants (professional & skilled)
  • Family Sponsorships / Settlements / Parents and Grandparents Super Visas
  • Temporary Resident / Visit Visas
  • Appeals for all of the above