Immigration to Canada

Canada, one of the largest and most beautiful countries in the world, it is the ideal place to live and work because of its quality of living, education, income levels, health care system and a relatively safe and clean environment. Canada has a highly developed economy and is the largest trading partner of the United States... read more


Canada is a peaceful Country with a politically stable democracy. Canada with its official policy of multiculturalism encourages immigrants to preserve their cultural values, language and religion.Canada is the 7th largest economic powerhouse in the world... read more

Immigration Regulations at a Glance

Do I qualify for immigration to Canada? Which class should I apply under?
What conditions do I need to satisfy? How long does it take to process a visa?

Essentially, there are four main ways to immigrate to Canada. You can apply under one of three permanent residence classes:

The other option is to apply for a:

  • Temporary Visas
  • A number of temporary residence visas are also available:

  • Study in Canada:
  • If you are enrolled into a qualifying course at a Canadian tertiary institution, you can apply for as a student. This allows you to study full-time and to work a limited number of hours per week.

Frequently Asked Questions