The starting point of our relationship is an immigration evaluation. We will only take on a case if there is at least a reasonable likelihood of success.

Before we agree to act for you, we first invite you to complete a Free initial eligibility assessment. If positive, this is followed by a more comprehensive paid Full Check evaluation

Full Check Evaluation

This confidential service is an information gathering exercise and enables our immigration experts to assess your position under the official immigration regulations without any obligation on you to proceed further.

You will receive a detailed written report explaining the immigration requirements and process as it applies to you and your family, while setting out the steps to follow in easy to understand terms. Entry criteria, visa conditions, processing time-frames, costs and recommendations for areas where your case might be further strengthened will all be outlined. If your prospects are assessed to be weak you will be advised and offered recommendations as to ways in which your case might be strengthened.

You will then be entitled to a personal, no obligation follow-up consultation in person or over the telephone with one of our experienced agents where any outstanding questions can be answered. Following this, you can make your final decision as to whether or not to proceed with your application or the services of Allison's consulting (PVT) LTD.


You only receive one opportunity to make a positive impression.

Success is only possible with the presentation of a 100% complete & correct application. By choosing the right kind of professional help, you can greatly improve your likelihood of being granted your goal.

Consultant of your Case

Once you have given instructions to proceed, a case consultant will be assigned to your individual file and they will be responsible for processing your entire residence visa application.

Your case consultant is supported by a team of immigration legal advisors who will research the relevant immigration regulations and official procedure manuals to determine the appropriate course of action to achieve residence status. Potential problems or complications will be clarified and, where possible, promptly resolved.

Your case consultant will supervise the preparation of a fully documented application in accordance with the current immigration regulations. Submissions to support your application will be promptly co-ordinated and checked for suitability, including the translation and legislation of documentation and careful coordination of time sensitive documents such as medical tests, language tests and police reports.

Compiling Documentary Evidence

One of the most important aspects of your case is the support documentation that accompanies your application. The immigration authorities will require supporting documentary evidence covering every aspect of your application and this is where many applicants make mistakes.

Our consultant will work with you to ensure that your work references, qualification and trades diplomas and evidence of your relationship (where applicable) are presented in the prescribed format.

Your net worth will be evidenced by way of formal property evaluations and bank/financial statements. Our consultant will handle all the necessary currency conversions and will liaise closely with a chartered accountant should it be necessary for you to provide certified financial statements.

If required, we will prepare and submit your application for qualification and trades recognition and/or occupational registration on your behalf.


Once complete, your application will be submitted to the immigration authorities, in the format recommended by the authorities. Your case consultant will monitor the processing of your application, liaise with the immigration authorities and respond to any questions raised by the authorities. At every stage in the process your case consultant will provide written advice and regular progress reports, together with on-going supervision and advancement of your case.


Upon the approval of your application, your case consultant will arrange the next procedure and will remain available to provide advice and guidance on your options.

Our highly experienced team of legal and migration advisory staff are able to handle applications under all categories of the immigration regulations, including complex visa applications, appeals and judicial reviews.


Sometimes you may have questions or concerns...

Many years of experience has shown us that the immigration and visa application process can at certain times be a stressful and confusing undertaking for intending new settlers. Sometimes questions or confusion can arise over official government requests, professional fees and government costs, or the role of your immigration advisor in this complex, bureaucratic process.

We are good at listening...

As a group of professional immigration practitioners, we have made a strong commitment to listening to our clients and ensuring that any questions or concerns are promptly and thoroughly answered.

Contact Our Client Care and Compliance Officer...

If you have any concerns or problems whatsoever at any stage in the immigration process, please feel free to let our Client Care and Compliance Officer know. Your issues will be investigated promptly for FREE with a written explanation provided and a possible resolution proposed.

For more serious concerns or complaints, an internal compliance process can be undertaken in order to fully investigate your concerns and to provide a mutually agreeable solution. We believe that there is never a situation that cannot be realistically resolved.